The Cloister Walk - Kathleen Norris
(This book extols a distinctively Christian worldview. Forewarned is forearmed.)

I read this every year, in December/January. It focuses me, stripping away some of the materialism that's built up in my life in the previous twelve months. It reminds me of my priorities in dealing with other humans, encouraging me to be patient and kind. I first read this in 1997, during a Christmas break at my old ranch high (10,000-plus feet) in the Colorado Rockies. Even though I wasn't surrounded by Benedictine monks—as Norris is—but was immersed in young children with cases of cabin fever as the snow flew, The Cloister Walk was like a cozy sweater, warming and peaceful. And Norris' voice is as clear now, thirty years later, as it was then.

Obviously, a favorite.