At Home in Mitford - Jan Karon
I'm only thirteen years late reviewing this one, but I'd never picked it up until my book club chose it for our December meeting. We've been reading a lot of heavy stuff lately, and no one wanted to drag corruption and war and other chaos into our Christmas season, so At Home in Mitford it was.

I enjoyed the book. There's sweetness and wholesomness to it that fits perfectly with the holidays. Some people may be turned off by the beliefs of many of the characters, but at this point I'll take tolerant, practicing Christians over most stories on the nightly news.

The characters are well drawn, although I think that there are too many of them. By the last third of the book I was zigzagging around, trying to remember some of the lesser characters that kept popping up. The middle-aged romance was a nice touch, and handled respectfully. The story was engaging, and I particularly liked Karon's humor. I'll read more of her books.