A Few Right Thinking Men - Sulari Gentill
A Few Right Thinking Men is very interesting, although if I'd known that the content was so political, I'd have saved the read for a less tumultuous time in the US. I read for diversion, and seldom to be reminded of the real world.

Ms. Gentill is a gifted author, and I enjoyed her Bohemian cast of characters. As a matter of fact, I look forward to getting to know them better. I appreciate that she's written a worldly, intelligent, compassionate female character who is less interested in societal conquest than in forging a career with her talent.

I've traveled Australia and particularly enjoyed Gentill's descriptions of the country and the independent, plain-speaking nature of her people. I'm largely ignorant of Australian history and politics, so found this portion of the book interesting. Again, though, the political divisiveness struck a bit too close to home and, in fact, became a bit of a burden. I skipped some of the more hostile passages toward the end.

I'll read more of Ms. Gentill's books, and recommend this one.