Leopard At The Door - Jennifer McVeigh
I had just returned from Tanzania when I picked up McVeigh's book. Although I'm by no means an expert on Africa (or any of her countries), McVeigh's story rang true on a lot of levels based on my month there. Her writing is clear and concise, and I enjoyed her characters. I wouldn't have understood the book as well had we not had the opportunity to speak with our guide and driver extensively about the changes in Tanzania in the past fifty years. McVeigh's depiction of "empire," and its ramifications on Africans, were supported by what we learned during our trip.

The story itself is intriguing, and I love reading fiction that takes me to faraway places. I also enjoy contrasting an author's perspective with my own from my travels. If you're interested in stories about the British Empire from a non-UK point of view, you just might enjoy Leopard at the Door.