The Lost Sisterhood - Anne Fortier
I am delighted to write this review for The Lost Sisterhood. I do not know the author, nor am I affiliated with her in any way. I am writing this based on the assumption that enjoying fiction requires the "willing suspension of disbelief."

This highly original book is a totally improbable, well-written romp. The settings jump around the globe, and Fortier's descriptions are spot on. She is unafraid of tough and intelligent female characters, and The Lost Sisterhood is peppered with them. (On occasion, these characters DO make choices that made me groan and mutter, "she wouldn't do that." But that's a minor complaint.) The dynamics between the characters are believable, and Fortier's humor makes this read even more enjoyable. The chapters moving back and forth between the present and the ancient world could be a little confusing, but the author handles these transitions clearly.

If you enjoy archaeology and ancient history, if you are a fan of the late Barbara Mertz (AKA Elizabeth Peters), or if you're an armchair traveler who likes to explore the world with courageous, educated people running for their lives, this book might delight you.

Highly recommended.